Thirst No 3: The Eternal Dawn

Thirst No 3: The Eternal Dawn (2010)

When 5,000 year old vampire Alisa discovers Teri, a long lost descendant of her human family, all she wants is to get closer to her. Knowing Teri ultimately leads to knowing Matt, Teri’s boyfriend. And as much as Alisa wants to ignore the connection she feels with Matt, she can’t stop thinking about him. That is, until she is attacked in her home by someone who is definitely not human…

Off in search of this new race of immortals before they get to her first, Alisa travels with Matt to Europe and discovers that there is more behind these immortals, and Matt, than she ever thought possible.


6 Responses to “Thirst No 3: The Eternal Dawn”

  1. lunalove1 Says:

    dude im so happy for this to come out but what i dont get is sita stayed human at the end of the 2nd book im so confused about that but im sure the book will explain what happend haha

  2. Ikr! Dude, I’m finishing up the 3rd one now. Who do you think the guy on the No. 4 cover is with Sita???

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Seymour and Sita would be great together?! Because throughout the whole series he is like the only one she can depend on…

  4. I thought Sita ceased to exist at the end of Creatures of Forever? How is there anything after that?

  5. Sita did cease to exist in Creatures of Forever but it was only in Seymour’s books. If you read The Eternal Dawn or Thirst # 3 you will see that only in Seymour’s mind did Sita die.

  6. iv never been more in love with a character! i love the depth of events and religion and then intensity of the story. such a vivid story,i can only imagine the mind behind such an amazing story.

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